Precisely one week ago, I told you about UnoTelly, a proxy service that gives you access to different Netflix selections around the globe. UnoTelly had emailed press releases promoting their service after Netflix announced it was expanding to 130 countries around the world, but Netflix either saw this coming or is reacting quickly, as they’ve just announced steps to block proxy access to content that users shouldn’t be accessing.

According to David Fullagar, Netflix’s vice president of content delivery architecture, the service would be clamping down on proxies in a few weeks, claiming that they violate Netflix’s terms of use.

Before anyone gets mad at Netflix or accuses them of ruining everyone’s good time, keep in mind that when certain content is available in select regions, that’s due to the studio’s restrictions, not Netflix’s. Proxy services undermine those restrictions, and I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say that a studio might be reluctant to license their content if they think the restrictions aren’t going to be properly enforced.  It’s in Netflix’s best interest to make everything available everywhere, which they’re likely trying to do, and appeasing studios is the way to do it.

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