There are a plethora of mini tripods out on the market. Some are good for only the smallest of cameras. While some , like the Gorillapod Series have found extreme popularity in the hands of  by Star YouTubers like Casey Neistat. Also popular in this space is the Manfrotto Pixi  Evo 2. So, when we saw the Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod (M225+CK30) on Amazon, we immediately felt that it stood out in this competitive space with its ability to fold, with compatibility with tripods you might already own. That's why we had to try out in our latest "It Came From Amazon" feature.

The Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod comes in black, blue and red (as feature in the video above) and is built more like a conventional camera tripod, but in a micronized format. It uses a conventional ball head for a range of adjustment, which also uses an Arca Swiss style plate, compatible with a number of other tripods on the market. Maybe even the one you have right now. This means that you can switch your camera from tripod to tripod without swapping the plate.

In our latest "It Came From Amazon" video feature, we unbox and give you our thoughts on this sturdy little tripod from Neewer. If you're having trouble viewing the video above, you can also find it on our YouTube Channel.

Finding the Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod

Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod

The Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod is a compelling option for those that want something a lot more sturdy than other offerings on the market. It's sturdy aluminum construction, easy deployment, and Arca Swiss style plate allow it to adapt to a range of tripods on the market. It sells for around $59.00 and is available exclusively on Amazon and comes in black, blue and red (as shown).

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