It’s Labor day here in the United States, which means everyone who usually works hard is taking to rest and refresh, including NASA’s rover Opportunity, which has been rolling around the surface of Mars for ten years now (after what was supposed to be a three month mission).

The vehicle has been experiencing problems that have been forcing it to reboot and scientists suspect that the issue is caused by worn-out cells in the machine’s flash memory. Again, it was only meant to last three months, so these problems aren’t too surprising. The solution is to remotely send the rover a format command that tells it not to access the bad cells. Opportunity’s twin rover, Spirit, underwent the same process in 2009 – though that rover is now defunct.

Of course, everything that rover has recorded will be backed up beforehand, as to not lose the precious data that’s the objective of all these robots roaming the surface of the red planet. Here’s to another ten years!

via Engadget

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