You may have read about Apple’s lawsuit filed against Samsung last week. I personally would like Samsung to pick up a phone, call Apple, schedule a meeting, and sort this whole thing out. I am an optimist though, which is just another way to say I stupidly expect adults to act like, well, adults. If you look at the history of lawsuits that get thrown around between companies over the years, you will see that has never happened.

In what amounts to a small child saying, “Oh yeah!? Well I am going to tell my mommy what you did too,” Samsung has filed five lawsuits against Apple for patient infringement in two different countries. Samsung’s formal statement was something like, “..responding actively to the legal action taken against us in order to protect our intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business.” This of course is the public way of saying if you sue us for stupid stuff, we will sue you back, because we have lawyers on payroll too.

Nokia, Blackberry, and even Dell could all have fit that vague description in Apple’s original lawsuit. In their defense, they were all smart enough to change the phones to look completely different before release. Dell even went as far as to simply switch to Windows Phone 7 instead of their own OS. I am just saying, this could have been avoided by both parties in several different ways, at several different times. Instead, we have multi-billion dollar companies locked in a legal pissing contest.

Source: CNet News

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