City of Industry, CA – January 26, 2011 – Gamers and extreme users have been waiting for a mainboard that can provide them all the tools they need to get the most out of their new Sandy Bridge CPUs, and it has finally arrived. World-renowned mainboard manufacturer Micro-Star Int’l Co., Ltd. (MSI) has unleashed the Big Bang-Marshal. Defining total quality standards, the Big Bang Marshal wields the second generation Military Class components for the best build quality and reliability. A major highlight of the board is an industry leading eight (8) sets of PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots for a staggering combination of GPUs. Combined with Creative’s top-class X-Fi MB2 sound technology, it can simultaneously take care of the three major elements that gamers care about the most: stability, performance and sound effects.

The Big Bang-Marshal is also equipped with a 24-phase DrMOS power design, and has excellent performance on over-clocking and stability for the enthusiast user. Utilizing a dual 8-pin CPU power supply, plus a set of 6-pin VGA power supply design, users can steadily provide power when overclocking the CPU and mainboard — achieving ultimate performance on the Sandy Bridge platform.

8 PCI-E 2.0 x16 – Ultimate Video Performance
Continuing their focus on video performance and expandability for the Big Bang series, the all new Big Bang-Marshal is equipped with 8 sets of PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot. It supports AMD’s Crossfire X, NVIDIA SLI and additional multi-GPU operations by utilizing MSI’s Fuzion technology for a future-proof experience.

X-Fi MB2 Sound Enhancement – Ultimate Sound Performance
For sound effects, the tradition of using Creative’s X-Fi technology for the Big Bang series continues. This time, the Big Bang-Marshal uses the newest X-Fi MB2 sound technology. EAX 5.0 is the most commonly used sound platform and with an upgrade to the newest 5.0, it has added EAX Voice to provide voice chat positioning in games; EAX PurePath allows game developers to accurately control the bass and game output channels; and EAX MacroFX reproduces short-distance sound effects etc., to create the most immersive sound performance for games. It also teams with THX and supports the THX TruStudio Pro stereo standard most commonly used in Hollywood movies; therefore, whether it’s for games or video playback, it can achieve the best sound performance and clarity.

Military Class II Components – Ultimate Stability
The all new Big Bang-Marshal uses MSI’s Military Class II standards; top-class materials and parts such as Hi-c CAP, SFC and Solid CAP etc., that increase the product’s usage life, and brings a higher level for what power users can always benefit from: quality and stability.

Extreme Power Designs for Power Users
In order to satisfy CPU power supply needs during extreme over-clocking, the Big Bang-Marshal also has a 24-phase DrMOS power design, to provide stable power for cleaner and efficient energy.

Video Cards get a jolt of power with a 6 PIN VGA power supply, which can make up for any insufficiency of the PCI-E’s power supply, ultimately increasing the video card’s stability while over-clocking. MSI’s exclusive “Cease-Fire” PCI-e Dip Switches allow easier control by toggling PCI-e lanes on or off. This can benefit users who are testing graphics cards or just want to free up additional lanes.

Fighter-type thermal system with SuperPipe’s First-class Cooling Performance
The heat sink also follows through on our Military Class concept with a thermal system emulated after a fighter air intake cutaway design; along with the benefits of MSI’s 8mm SuperPipe heat pipes, this heatsink is prepared to offer the coolest computing environment.

Besides the many exclusive features introduced above, the all new Big Bang-Marshal also has complete support for MSI’s various P67/H67 exclusive technologies, such as the all intelligent overclocking technology OC Genie II which allows to you overclock in a second; the ClickBIOS uEFI interface which can be operated with a mouse; the Super Charger which can provide quick charging for an i-Pad, i-Phone and SmartPhone; Instant OC which can provide instant overclocking through Windows; and the Winki 3 multi-function tool that can be quickly started without entering the system etc. Such abundant features make this the number one choice that overclockers and gamers can’t afford to miss.

About MSI

MSI was founded in 1986 and is one of the world-class IT product leading brands. Based on the operating principle “Insist on the Best”, MSI has shown a strong R & D capabilities and high production technology in motherboard and graphics card products. Adopting a diversified management and business strategy, MSI has also penetrate into the Notebook, All-in-One PC and Car Entertainment product fields. At an international brand development strategy, MSI has launched a new corporate identity system (CIS), as well as corporate slogan “Insist on the Best”. It also represents a new era in MSI’s brand development. With high productivity, high technology, and high quality R & D niche, MSI is expected to become one of the top 10 notebook and system brands in the world in 2010. Apart from the market operation, MSI fulfills more efforts in our corporate citizenship, taking into account environmental protection and social feedback. In March this year, MSI has been chosen simultaneously as one of “2009 Top 50 Corporate Citizens” and “2009 Top CSR Excellent Enterprises” from CommonWealth Magazine and Global Views Magazine in Taiwan. In the future, MSI will continue to commit and implement corporate social responsibility in company governance. Fulfilling its responsibilities as world citizen, MSI will do more specific actions and contribution to public awareness to achieve “Beautiful Life, Green Homeland”, our goal and commitment to stakeholders. To learn more about MSI, please visit:

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