MSI’s AfterBurner software has been the choice of GPU overclockers for quite a while now. While the applications are written to unlock things like over volting and shader clock adjustments in many MSI cards, it also works just dandy with all brands of GPUs on the market from both AMD and nVidia. Today, they’ve updated the application to be better than ever. The new version which is now up to version 2.1.0 while its accompanying “Kombustor” burn in and stability tool makes it to version 2.0.0.

In addition to the regular tweaks for stability and performance, MSI has also added cool features such as video capture with their new “Predator” video capturing technology, making it easy to do recorded time demos and quality comparisons with different settings. Best of all, the utility is still free for everyone to download, not just MSI graphics cards owners. You can download the new software at the link below.

[Source: MSI Software Link: Download Here]

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