Motorola was once the name of the game. From the Zack Morris to the StarTAC, their phones were the ones to have. Some might argue Motorola may have hit its peak with the RAZR family of super skinny flip phones. It defined a generation and Motorola looks like it’s trying to recapture that magic with the upcoming Moto Z series.

To help drum up some interest, Motorola has just released a “throwback” video teaser that celebrates the razor-thin RAZR in all its mid-2000s glory. The video is ultimately an announcement that Motorola will make an announcement on June 9th.

The first-generation Moto X was released three years ago and it looks like Motorola is ready to drop the “X” in favor of a new line of Moto Z smartphones, though they’ll likely carry the same Style, Pure and Play sub-names as before, just like we saw with the new Moto G Plus and Moto G Play revealed earlier this week.

So, what can we expect from the Moto Z family? I find it unlikely that Motorola will bring the flip phone form factor back into play here, despite what the high school-themed video might lead us to believe. They should be going super skinny though, as the “Vector Thin” Moto Z is rumored to be just 5.2mm thick. In that skinny shell, we’re expecting a 16MP camera with laser autofocus and a QHD display, though other Moto Z models may only get 1080p.

Almost more notably, Motorola could be borrowing a page out of LG’s playbook by making the Moto Z modular like the LG G5. Instead of yanking out the bottom, you’ll use “Amp” swappable magnetic backplates for bigger batteries, camera grips (with optical zoom and flash), pico projectors, wide angle camera lenses and more.

Is X gonna give it to ya? We’ll find out in three weeks time.


Via MobileSyrup

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