I've had that song stuck in my head all day, so I figured I'd steal a line for my title. Probably that dates me a little, but then I'm not trying to impress anyone so why should I care? Haven't had much luck figuring out how to power a case fan for my car, but I'm still working on it. Hope springs eternal, after all.

tkArena starts us off with their review of CyberLink MediaShow 4

DigitalTrends sneaks in with their James Bond: The Ultimate Spy Gear and Gadget Guide

bit-tech reports on Intel Core i7 CPU and Platform Value

GamePyre plays around with FIFA 09 - PC

Hardware Bistro chills out with the Vizo Xena Mini NB Cooler

Motherboards.org spends some time with the MSI R4870 T21G ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB

Au-Ja presents their Cooler Round-Up 2008: Scythe Kama Angle

TechARP presents The Intel Core i7 Memory Bandwidth

And to finish us off for today, Scythe wants to make sure you know about their Kama Panel 3.5" - Optimal compatibility and functionality at minimal space

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