In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Words with Friends, the app that I probably use the most on my smartphone is the Starbucks app. It’s just so convenient that I can go in, order my favorite drink, and pay for it, all without leaving the app, making it easy for me to skip the line when I go to pick up my cold brew. And now, at long last, fans of Tim Hortons can enjoy the same with mobile order and pay too.

The newest update to the Tim Hortons mobile app has now added mobile order and pay. This follows a plan they started three years ago, finally bringing in the feature that they promised earlier this year. It’s here and it works exactly the way you think it would.

You peruse through the menu through the app, add however many double-doubles and Timbits you want to your order, and then you pay for it using the credit card you’ve added to the app. You can use your TimsCard too, of course, and there is baked in support for Apple Pay on the iPhone as well (but not Android Pay for some reason). From there, you choose whether you want to dine in or take out and that’s it. You can also save your favorite menu items for faster ordering next time.

You can find the Tim Hortons mobile app for iOS (9.2+) and for Android (5.0+) in their respective apps. Naturally, it’s a free download. The untold number of donuts you’ll consume (and the inevitable gym membership that will follow) will not be free. The rollout is staggered, so your nearby Tims may not support this option just yet.

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