If only I had time for this! What sucks is I can’t even have fun at work, because the concert is a huge Christian thing. Not that Christians can’t be fun, don’t get me wrong, but this particular cross-section of the group is not so much. But, they’re paying me, plus I’m officially sitting in the booth on my laptop doing this while on the clock for them, so I can’t really complain. You, however…if you have a chance to cause some mischief tonight, by all means do so! In fact, cause a little for me while you’re at it.

We get started with Futurelooks INTEL Z68 Round Up: ASUS vs GIGABYTE vs ASRock vs MSI FIGHT!

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HardwareHeaven takes on Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3)

bit-tech examines the Zotac A75-ITX WiFi

To finish us off, Real World Labs presents its Solid State Drive Roundup 2011

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