Microsoft has Chrome OS and the education market squarely in their sights with today’s release of Windows 10 S, a version of their operating system designed for low-end hardware.

Everything that Windows 10 S runs comes downloaded from the Windows Store, which means that existing apps will be repackaged and offered for download. The new OS will run peripherals and devices just like Windows 10, and it will also “run any browser in the Windows store,” implying all the store will offer Chrome, Firefox, and the like.

The idea behind the new OS is to streamline everything, and the login process will take roughly 15 seconds for first-time users. Preconfigured USB drives can be used to quickly set up new machines.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 education PCs will start at $189, and all will come with a copy of Minecraft: Education Edition. Schools running Windows 10 Pro PCs will be able to switch to Windows 10 S for free. If a consumer finds 10 S to be too restrictive, they can pay to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Keeping in line with the focus on students, Microsoft has also launched the Surface Laptop, designed to use Windows 10 S. However, despite the new OS being designed for low-end devices, the Surface Laptop is no such thing, with Core i5 and i7 processors and starting at $999.

The Surface Laptop is an actual laptop, not a hybrid, and features a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, a battery that boasts 14.5 hours of life, and integrated vapor chambers to keep it cool.

The laptop will start shipping on June 15th.

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