Microsoft has put a lot of an effort into pushing the Xbox 360 media device, and while it does that well, the company seems to realize that it’s still not exactly a practical solution for non-gamers. This would explain the rationale behind their newest move, designing a streamlined media device to compete with Apple TV and the Roku box.

The device is set to be launched in 2013 and will reportedly offer some stripped-down version of Windows 8. It’s part of an effort to further “unify” the core elements of the Xbox experience. Microsoft wants users to get the same experience on phones, gaming consoles, licensed TVs, and now a set-top box.

It might prove difficult to break into a market already dominated by a handful of rival devices, but there are still more and more people switching over to digital setups who are going to be looking for their first set-top box. In that instance, Microsoft’s brand name should give them an edge over newcomers like Roku and Boxee.

via Tech Crunch

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