Microsoft just announced a new wireless headset and media remote to their accessories lineup for the Xbox 360 Slim to replace the existing beige colored models. In keeping with the slim’s shiny black exterior, the new accessories have also been redesigned to match.

First up is the wireless headset. The unique new feature is the inclusion of Bluetooth capability. The headseat can be switched from Xbox 360 mode to Bluetooth mode. In Xbox 360 mode, the headset will pair with the existing radios in the Xbox 360, but switch it over to Bluetooth mode and you can use it like a Bluetooth headset for your mobile handset.

The headset comes complete with different sized earplugs, an over-the-ear loop adapter and a micro-USB charging cable. The headset will provide 300 hours of standby time and probably about 6-7 hours of talk time, which seems to be in line with most Bluetooth headsets out in the market today. It will be available worldwide in November with an estimated retail price of US$ 59.99.

Next up is the new media remote. The updated remote has a slick new design and a shiny black finish. The remote appears to have a CODE button near the center-left side. Also a dedicated TV power button, volume up/down and channel up/down buttons exist as well. This suggests that other than controlling the Xbox 360, the remote will also allow you to turn on and off your TV as well as control basic functionality. The remote will also be availble in November with an estimated retail price of US$ 19.99.

Source: Redmond Pie

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