Fan Expo Canada originally started out as a comic book expo back in 1995. Starting off in Toronto, the event has grown into one of North America’s 3rd largest “COMICON-Like” events. This past weekend, the event made its first trip to Western Canada. Fan Expo Vancouver welcomed fans from all over British Columbia and beyond from April 21 – 22 at the Vancouver Convention Center. With a completely sold out crowd on its very first day, it looks like the show is definitely coming back next year.

The Vancouver show brought many of Sci-Fi’s biggest stars including Kristin Bauer from True Blood, Nicholas Brendon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Kevin Sorbo best known for his role as Hercules. The Star Trek franchise was well represented as well. Michael Dorn (Worf), Marina Sirtis (Troi), and John DeLancie (Q) all came by to interact with the fans. Batman’s Adam West and Burt Ward was alos part of the festivities and panels. They also got the best parking spot. Lou Ferigno also stepped up to to plate and gave 110%, to make sure his fans were taken care of.

The event also turned out to be quite the shopping experience. Fans were treated to both rare and new comics alike and there were a wide selection of graphic novels. There were also opportunities to meet some of the artists behind their favourites. Add to that the hundreds of t-shirts, accessories and rare figurines which will zap your tax return dry.

One of the biggest parts of events like this is the chance to dress up as your favourite characters. Fan Expo Vancouver drew all sorts of weird and wonderful cosplayers willing to show off for the camera. Fans of all ages and families too, were dressing up and having a great time.

As a complete Fan Expo / COMICON rookie, I’m definitely making my way back to the event next year and I think you should too. It should be even bigger in 2013. We’ll be adding pictures to this post very soon. As soon as we find the memory card that contains them. D’oh!

UPDATE: We found our pics! Check out the gallery below!

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