What do you do when having just one display on your smartphone isn’t enough? You add another one, of course! The LG V20 was announced in the fall and now we’ve gotten our hands on one here in the MEGATechNews review labs and we’ll be putting it through its paces over the course of the next little while. In the meantime, here’s a quick unboxing video with some first impressions.

As you may already know, the LG V20 is this year’s follow-up to last year’s V10. The fundamental idea remains the same. Above the 5.7-inch QHD IPS LCD display is a secondary, horizontal strip of a display. This “ticker” gives you always-on access to the date, time and notification icons, as well as easy media control and quick access icons.

The LG V20 also sports a dual camera system on the back, just like the LG G5. The main 16MP camera provides a “standard angle” of view, while the secondary 8MP camera provides a “wide angle” view. There’s also the single 5MP selfie camera on the front.

In the unboxing video below, we get to have a closer look at the packaging choices by LG, the accessories that come with the phone, and some early impressions on the phone’s layout, removable back, and overall build quality. Is there anything specific you want us to test in our review? Chime in with a comment below!


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