Smartphones are getting bigger. I remember when I first got my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, I thought the four-inch screen was huge. Then, the Galaxy S II came along with its 4.3-inch display and, more recently, the Galaxy Nexus with its 4.65-inch screen. But why stop there? Why not go even bigger?

That seems to be the philosophy behind the Samsung Galaxy Note, an Android superphone boasting a positively stunning 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. I had the chance to meet up with Ken Price from Samsung to discuss the new smartphone and how it represents the evolution of the industry. I remind him of the less-than-successful Dell Streak 5 and ask him how the Galaxy Note will succeed where Dell’s phablet failed.

My initial impressions of the Galaxy Note are mixed. I’m still not sure it can replace a larger Android tablet, nor am I sure that it’s still as palatable as a smaller smartphone. At the same time, the horsepower is undeniable and that display is just gorgeous. Stay tuned as I give this “superphone” a serious test drive over the next little while. The full review will be posted soon.

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