Maybe you've been thinking about getting into this whole smart speaker thing, but you're having a hard time justifying the $100 asking price of the standard Amazon Echo. It's even more if you want to get all fancy with an Echo Show or an Echo Look. Or maybe you're in Canada and the current lack of full Alexa support leaves you wanting more. Maybe a smaller, cheaper solution should be in the cards for you and that's why we've got this Google Home Mini unboxing video for your previewing pleasure.

As you might recall, the smaller and cheaper alternative to the full size Google Home was revealed at the Google event earlier this month alongside the new Pixel 2 and the new Pixelbook. Like its bigger brother, the Mini grants you voice-activated anytime access to the Google Assistant.

But it's only fifty bucks and it's as cute as a button. The version that you see in the Google Home Mini unboxing video above is in "Chalk," which is really like a light grey. It's also available in a darker grey that they call Charcoal and a bright orange that they call Coral. All three get wrapped in this pleasant fabric material that is far less stark and impersonal than your typical plastic or metal. It's... comfortable.

My early experience with the device has been very positive thus far, even if Google Assistant is far from perfect. It's also worth noting that Google has indeed disabled the main touch-sensitive "button" in the middle for play/pause and for activating Google Assistant for now, because apparently it's been getting activated by accident and eavesdropping on users without their knowledge. Creepy. Hopefully they're working on a fix.

The Google Home Mini retails for $49 US ($79 Canadian), conveniently the same price as the competing Amazon Echo Dot. Look for our full written review very soon.

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