In our first episode from CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we took a look at the broad range of mobile accessories available for your smartphone or tablet. In this second episode, we are turning our attention over to the world of gaming, whether you want to game on a laptop, on your iDevice or even on one of those smoking new Steam Machines.

MSI (0:18) – You might remember last week when I wrote about the super secret 15-inch gaming notebook from MSI. It’s a slim and sleek little number that we hope to see later this year. In the meantime, MSI has continued to update and ugprade its lineup of gaming notebooks, including the reasonably priced GE series and the award-winning GS series. In the video, you’ll also see the SteelSeries Engine integrated into the GT series, offering all sorts of options for macro profiles, backlighting profiles, key tracking and more.

Cooler Master (9:23) – Just as we saw last year, Cooler Master has come forward with more updates to its notebook cooler line, as well as expanded offerings for all the Mac users in the audience. These are monumental changes, but if you’re looking for a great notebook cooling stand with a bigger fan, as well as a fan speed controller, USB hub and adjustable height, they’ve got some solid options, including the NotePal V100 for less than $20. The DJ-focused MacBook Jas Music Pro and Jas Music Mobile look pretty nice too.

SteelSeries (12:24) – Part of the problem with mobile Bluetooth controllers in the past was that you had too many competing standards for iOS and Android, making for all sorts of challenges for key-mapping and compatibility. Now that there is a controller-enabled standard in iOS7, we can get treated to far better support with new controllers like the SteelSeries Stratus. It may be very compact in stature, but it felt surprisingly great in the hands with its rounded corners. You get four triggers, four face buttons, dual analog sticks and the potential support for up to four controllers pair to a single iDevice. I have to say this is an improvement over those SteelSeries Free touchscreen controls I reviewed a while back.

iBUYPOWER (14:15) – Could the Steam Machine completely change the video game landscape? We had the chance to sit down and chat with with iBUYPOWER about their perspective on the matter — you may have already seen their $500 SBX Steam Machine — and they brought up a lot of great points. With all these different companies making all these different form factors, will the average gaming public get confused? And while Sony and Microsoft lose money with every console sold (they make up for it in software over the long run), what does this mean for the Steam Machine hardware makers? Shouldn’t Valve compensate them accordingly?

And that’s episode two of our video coverage from CES 2014 in Las Vegas. We have episodes three and four coming down the chute very soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more tech and gadget-infused goodness.

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