With the first of our four episodes of video coverage from CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we’re turning our attention to the rapidly expanding world of mobile accessories. Smartphones and tablets have become a very big part of our lives, but the smartphones and tablets themselves aren’t really good enough on their own. Thankfully, there are many companies who are creatively looking for ways to improve our mobile experience. In this video, we take a look at five such companies.

InWin (0:22) – We start off with InWin, a name that we don’t normally associate with the mobile world. They recently entered this arena with products like the iBite smartphone holder and the iSeat mini tablet stand, but a very different product that they revealed at CES was Mr. Bubble. It’s a hand-blown globe of glass, perched on an aluminum base, and it’s designed to comfortably hold and display your headphones. It’s not for everyone, retailing for about $60, but it’s meant to demonstrate the level of manufacturing expertise that InWin brings to the table.

ADATA (1:06) – As great as our smartphones may be, we are constantly running out of juice. For the show, ADATA was showing off several charging and power solutions for the mobile user. There’s a great Qi wireless charging stand that can work in both horizontal and vertical configuration, for example, as well as a couple of fashionable new portable batteries that are among the slimmest in the business. The batteries only retail for about $30, which is well worth the peace of mind you receive in exchange.

LUXA2 (2:56) – During our coverage last week, my colleague Dylan Duarte let us know that LUXA2 came to the show loaded with new products and that was definitely the case when I went to visit their suite. The Thermaltake subsidiary had a broad range of mobile batteries on display, including a Qi-enabled one, as well as the massive P-MEGA. They’ve also expanded their line of Bluetooth speakers and phone holders.

Corsair (11:19) – Have you noticed that many Android smartphones now don’t even have a microSD expansion slot anymore? There are wireless charging solutions, like the Kingston Wi-Drive, but what if you want something even simpler? The USB OTG standard has opened up a great world of opportunity and Corsair is capitalizing with an offering of its own. The Flash Voyager Go looks like a tiny USB flash drive, but it has a microUSB connector on the other side that plugs right into your phone, giving you up to 64GB of additional storage.

Creative Sound Blaster (12:03) – Last and certainly not least, we went to see what Creative had up its Sound Blaster sleeve. First, they had the recently launched Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 “intelligent” wireless speaker. It’s called that, because it’s so much more than “just” a NFC-enabled Bluetooth speaker. It’s also a teleconferencing machine, a voice recorder, an MP3 player, a megaphone, a power bank, and even a karaoke machine. There’s even that voice altering feature we see in the Sound Blaster Evo gaming headsets. In addition to the AXX 200, there was also the Sound Blaster Roar, a high quality mobile speaker that far outperforms its reasonably compact size. And it comes with many of those multiple functions from the AXX 200 to boot.

And this is just the first episode of our video coverage from CES 2014. Keep it locked to MEGATechNews and we’ll have some more awesome products to show you in glorious 1080p full HD. We’ve got a photo gallery below too, if you want to get a closer look at some of the products shown in the video.

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