A while ago we looked at some ways to have fun this summer in your swimming pool, but not everyone has a pool. All of us need to eat, though, so today we’re going to spend some time with various grills and grill accessories to make your backyard barbecue a success.

First up we have what is easily in my top ten favourite things I wish I could own. This is the Jag Grill BBQ table, and it’s exactly what the name implies: a table in which a grill is mounted, so you can grill your steak and eat it too.

In the center is a BBQ pit and dome, and each seat has its own grilling station. No more worries about making everyone happy, no one gets stuck at the grill while everyone else is having fun. Jag makes it so the socialization takes places around the cooking, and it’s amazing. Certainly not cheap, though. You’ll have to shell out a whopping $2,500.00 US for one. But if you’ve got the money, I will be horribly disappointed in you if you don’t get one.

Source: Oh Gizmo


Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more affordable. I get that. How about this EUR 149 ($206.00 US) To Go Grill? It measures just 40 cm high by 32 cm in diameter (about 16″ x 13″), and is easily carried from place to place using either its handles or the included strap that holds all its parts together. The body is made of enameled steel with silicone handles that stay cool even when the grill itself is hot, and the grid is made of chromium-plated iron. It’s even dishwasher safe, and TάV-approved.

Source: Gadget Review


If sleek, black portability isn’t your style, maybe the quirky Grillo is more to your liking. Grillo was designed by formAxiom, and is made of stainless steel. It’s foldable, very much like an umbrella, and goes from folded in the corner to ready-to-charcoal grill in one swift movement. Charcoal is placed in a flexible stainless steel mesh cradle (looks like chain mail to me), and food is cooked on the attractive sunflower-shaped surface. It’s still in its design phase, so no word yet on availability or cost.

Source: The Awesomer


Moving in a slightly different direction, what if, like me, you already own a perfectly good grill and just want to be able to take it out on your boat? Here we have Arnall’s Pontoon Grill Bracket Set, designed to mount to 1.25″ (about 3 cm) pontoon boat railings. The mounts are made of Zinc electro-plated steel, and won’t scratch your railings. They’re easy-on, easy-off, and come with carriage bolts to hold them in place. These are currently out of stock, but each pair appears to cost about $34.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


With all these grill options, you’ve got to have a way to light them, right? Consider the Bison Airlighter for a surefire way to get your fire going (pun intended). If a four-inch flame from a butane torch won’t light your coal, you’re doing it wrong. But it doesn’t just light! It also has an integrated fan which will help spread the flame to all areas of your grill to ensure your food is properly cooked. Of course something this neat doesn’t come cheap: The Bison Airlighter costs $99.00 US.

Source: Oh Gizmo


You’ve got your grill, your charcoal is going, and you’re ready to BBQ your steak. But how do you know when it’s at the perfect level of done-ness? With the iDevices iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer, of course. This isn’t an ordinary thermometer, though. It connects with your phone via Bluetooth up to 150 feet away so you can keep track of your food without having to hover over the fire. It’s got pre-installed temperature alarms, or you can create your own. Compatible with iPhone 4S and up, iPad mini, iPad 3 and up and iPod touch 5. Pick yours up for $39.99 US.

Source: Gadget Review


Maybe all this grill talk is not for you. Maybe you prefer roasting over a campfire. In which case, why not try one of these? Meet the Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster, which allows you to “fish” your food over the flames instead of having to hold a traditional roasting fork out. Just slide your hot dogs (or marshmallows) onto the prongs, and then hold them over the fire. When it’s time to flip them, just jig the pole (it’s a flip of the wrist, takes practice) and they’ll flip for you. Each one costs about $25.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


You know how when you’re done roasting your hot dog, you sometimes lay the fork down across the arms of a chair, or a tree stump, or something like that to cool while you eat? Don’t you hate it when it gets dark and you don’t realize it’s there, so you sit on it? Best case scenario is it bends or gets knocked on the ground, worst case you puncture yourself with its tines. These are glow in the dark BBQ skewers, and they take care of that problem for you. Their handles glow in the dark after being exposed to light, so you never have to worry about sitting on one again. A set of two costs just $16.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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