Wicked Audio is a headphone company with several offerings in its lineup. From in-ear buds available in a wide variety of eye popping colours to on-ear and over-ear selections, there should be something for everyone. One of their latest designs is the Wicked Audio EVAC, a contemporary design priced to sell.

What’s in the Box


The headphones arrive in a standard package style cardboard box. At least it’s much easier to open than those vacuum sealed plastic containers so many manufacturers elect to use. The EVACs don’t come with any accessories or extras and quite literally, the headphones are the only thing that’s in the box.

Design and Fit


As with most of Wicked Audio’s products, styling is contemporary. Much like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger re-designs in the automotive world, the EVAC’s styling is reminiscent of the 1970s headphones with a modern feel: classic adjustable headband and rounded half domed on-ear cups.

The only thing missing is the coiled headphone cable, replaced by a well designed fabric cable that’s sure not to tangle. The fabric headband is comfortable to the touch although if you have a normal to larger head size, you will find the headphones can fit tightly, which is detrimental to long sessions of listening. I couldn’t get them to sit quite right and were never comfortable when placed over the ears.



The ear cups have a comfortable padding and are easily adjustable. The cups don’t move around so if you can find your fit, they are sturdy enough to provide many solid hours of listening.


Sound Quality

When smartphones first started taking center stage a few years ago, there weren’t many options under $100, let alone today’s selection at $50.

At $49.99, the Wicked Audio EVAC headphones are certainly one of the better looking pairs available with a cool pseudo retro design to match. Sound quality is subjective, and what one person loves, another despises. The EVACs have a non-memorable sound that unfortunately don’t allow them to really stand out from any of their competitors. There is no distinct treble or bass, with the mid-range overpowering any of our sound selections. Clarity was muddled at best, even with 24 hours of burn-in, a technique usually reserved for high end offerings. We put a wide variety of music through the EVACs, but there was no genre that particularly excelled with these headphones.

MEGATechie Wicked Awesome or MEGATechie Blandly Forgettable?


At $49.99 (or even less online), the Wicked Audio EVAC headphones are one of the better looking pairs around, but it seems the design comes at the expense of the sound quality. We were never expecting these to sound like $500 Ultrasones, but I think for the price, there are better options available. For someone on limited budget, who is generally happy with the included earphones in most smartphones, the Wicked Audio EVAC are a step-up and decent introduction into the world of on-ear headphones.

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