As spring approaches, many of our readers will be dusting off their bikes and getting ready to go for a ride. For some, it may have been quite a few years since they last threw a leg over their trusty steed and felt the wind blowing through their hair. A funny thing has happened over the past few years; cycling has become cool and popular and with this rise in popularity has come a rise in the number of accessories geared towards cyclists.

With outstanding apps such as STRAVA available, many cyclists are turning to their smartphones to record their rides. Enter the Tunemount Bicycle Mount 2: a simple, one size adjustable mount that will hold smartphones such as an iPhone 4S/5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.


The Case

The Tunemount Bicycle Mount 2 comes with a slightly water-resistant case, a bike mount, and for our runner friends, a hip/belt mount. The case has dual zippers, so opening from your preferred end is simple. It has a soft side that will allow access to some of your smartphones buttons depending on the way you put the phone inside.


For the iPhone 4S/5 and the Galaxy S3, you can access the volume buttons, but it’s not so easy that I would recommend trying to do this while riding the bike. One thing I like about the case is that it’s still responsive to touch control, so you can access apps, touch screen controls and message your friends. The case is well padded and adds that extra level of protection.


The Mount

The Tunemount Bicycle Mount 2 mount itself is easy to figure out. It fits all standard sizes of bars, from 26.0 to 31.8. The loop at the end of the strap allows easy tightening to ensure maximum grip to the bars. It has a tripod style mount holder so you can adjust the viewing angle or if you’re on a trainer indoors, watch a movie on your phone. It allows for both portrait and landscape viewing. The locks are all quick release style, stiff so they won’t come loose, but easy enough to undo when removing the mount. The mount raised the phone about 2″ above the handlebars, so this may not be aesthetically pleasing to some users.


On the Bike

It’s easy to see when riding and it doesn’t come loose when riding over rough roads. It secures well enough that you don’t need to worry about your phone. While adjustments are simple, MegaTechNews recommend you do not attempt while riding. With the zippered case, it’s easy enough to remove your phone when you head into that mid-ride coffee stop. The only downside is listening to the zippers rattle when going over uneven pavement. A simple piece of tape or elastic band will provide an instant fix.

Take You for a Ride


If you are a die hard cyclist, this mount may not be for you. Aesthetically, it sits rather high above the bars, is rather big, and just doesn’t look right on a $5,000+ ride. If you’re a recreational cyclist, you will enjoy the ease of use, added protection and simplicity of the TuneMount Bicycle Mount 2.

At US $27.95, this is a great option for those that don’t wish to purchase a dedicated bike computer like the Garmin 510, and simply take advantage of the plethora of apps available for their smartphone. The mount is well made and should last for countless kilometers of happy riding.

Thanks to @1LuckyBiker for doing the onbike testing while yours truly is currently recovering from an on-bike incident.

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