MEGATech Reviews - Montar Qi Smartphone Car Holder
Tackling two very common problems at the same time, is the Montar Qi by WinnerGear the wireless charging phone holder you've been looking for?
  • Convenient Qi wireless charging
  • Powerful suction cup mount
  • Larger in size
  • Phone can get quite warm
  • Flimsy 12V adapter and cable
  • Awkward micro USB port placement
7.5Overall Score

Long before smartphones became a thing, I had a cellphone holder that clipped onto one of the vents in my car. It worked, except that it effectively blocked part of the vent and I imagine getting blown by warm (or cool) air on a continual basis probably isn’t very good for my phone either. These days, I’m more inclined to plop my phone into one of the cup holders, but that’s not exactly ideal either. There has to be a better way… and one to keep my phone charged too.

Addressing two problems in one convenient package, the Montar Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount Holder is exactly what it sounds like it is: a phone holder in your car that also doubles as a Qi wireless charging pad. Could this be the in-car solution you’re looking for?

The Phone Holder That Charges Too

Compatible with any phone that supports the Qi wireless charging standard, like the Nexus 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Montar Qi consists of three main parts. First, you have the base that you can either attach to your windshield by way of a suction cup or to your dashboard by way of some 3M double-sided tape. Second, there is the universal phone holder itself, which has the integrated Qi charging pad, along with adjustable feet and arms. And finally, there’s a 12V adapter with a microUSB connector on the other end that plugs into the bottom of the phone holder.

The Montar Qi comes by way of WinnerGear, the same company behind the MicFlip reversible micro-USB cable we reviewed a short while back. Based on that experience, I had expected the actual cable that accompanies this phone holder to be of higher quality. It’s not. It’s definitely on the flimsier side of things, but the good news is that once you get yourself set up, you really never need to touch it again.

WinnerGear indicates that this accessory will accommodate all smartphones with screens up to six inches in size. That might not be quite big enough for the larger phablets on the market, but it should be able to handle just about everyone else without a hitch. The phone holder itself attaches to the base by way of a standard ball-and-socket mechanism for near-infinite adjustment options.

Stick the Montar Qi Where You Want

In terms of the phone holder yourself, you’ll find the pair of “feet” sticking out the bottom that can be adjusted to suit the height of your smartphone. This is important, because you’ll need to align the red Qi charging pad with your phone. Once you’ve done that, you can squeeze the two side arms together to “pinch” your phone in place. To release, there’s a “push” button at the top that snaps the arms out wide again.

Both arms feature rubberized pieces on the inside and the Qi charging pad is rubberized too, providing some extra grip to ensure your phone doesn’t go flying when you stop or turn suddenly. The black and red color scheme gives the Montar Qi a dash of style, though some people may find the red highlights to be a little too eye-catching.

As mentioned, the two halves of the Montar Qi connect to one another through the ball-and-socket. If you decide to stick the base on your dashboard, it’ll stay vertical as shown. If you want to use it on your windshield, which I’d recommend between the two options, it’d be more horizontal. You’ll also notice that the base has the added lever to really get a good seal with that suction cup.

While the ball and socket allows for adjustment, you’re better off choosing the position you like and sticking with it. Too much adjustment and you’ll surely pop this thing right off your windshield or dashboard.

A small gripe that I have is that the microUSB connector is on the bottom of the charging holder, just in front of where the feet protrude out of the unit. I found that the charging cable would sometimes get in the way while putting my phone in or taking it out of the holder. If an L-shaped microUSB connector were provided and the port were located on the back, this problem may have been suitably mitigated.

Harnessing My Qi Without Wires

It’s a little misleading when we continue to talk about the Qi wireless charging standard as being “wireless,” since products like the Montar Qi still require a charging cable in order to operate and your phone still needs to make physical contact. In the case of an in-car phone holder, though, this makes so much sense, especially if you don’t have one of those fancy new cars where a Qi charging mat is built right into the console somewhere.

Being able to simply shove your phone into a holder like this on your windshield and have it stay charged up is terribly convenient, arguably even more so than Qi-compatible USB power banks where the phone could easily slip off during travel. However, just like so many other Qi products, the Montar Qi could make your phone feel quite warm to the touch and this could become more of an issue during longer drives.

MEGATechie Wirelessly Wonderful or MEGATechie Hold It Down?

There is certainly a lot of plastic here and the bright red highlights might not be everyone’s cup of tea. What I can say is that the Montar Qi is a very effective accessory for people who want a place to keep their phone while driving with the much desired benefit of convenient wireless charging. Those of you who use your phone as a GPS or as a Bluetooth-powered source of music for your car will find a lot to like here.

The WinnerGear Montar Qi wireless smartphone charger and car mount holder is currently selling on Amazon for $60. This is certainly more than most other phone holders for your car, but you can chalk up the extra cost to the Qi wireless charging feature. If you’ve got a phone that supports the standard, this is easily one of the most convenient and useful accessories you can toss in your car.

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