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This past April I took a look at what was then a Kickstarter project, the IDAPT Modulo. Thanks to our friends at IDAPT, I’ve had a few days to put two of these units through their paces. Devices used were an HTC Thunderbolt and first generation iPod Nano, alone and in combination, since those are what I own. Now that we’ve established what was charged, let’s move on to the tests, shall we?

First Look at the IDAPT Modulo

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The packaging is very minimal, yet sturdy enough to protect the Modulo. Each one is nestled in a recycled cardboard tray, which fits into a cardboard sleeve. Included in the package are the charger, a short USB to micro-USB cable, instructions, two additional skins in different colours, and a “Smart Attach” card. I was able to easily carry the entire package in my purse or my pocket, as it is actually smaller than my phone.

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On the bottom of the IDAPT Modulo is a USB output, a micro USB input, and the power button. The enclosed short cable will charge the IDAPT Modulo itself or any device you may have that uses a micro USB charging input. Of course, since its output is standard USB, you can plug anything into it that uses a USB charger (such as my iPod, which has a 30-pin dock connector). It took about two hours to charge the Modulo from my computer, and then I was ready to go.

Let’s Get Charging

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I used a short cable of my own to attach the IDAPT Modulo to my phone (which was at about 15% battery), and started a stopwatch. After about 90 minutes, I noticed the LED indicators on the Modulo were no longer lit up and my phone was no longer in charging mode. That brought my phone battery to about 75%, so I hooked it up to the other Modulo to finish charging (total time ended up being about two hours and 15 minutes, and took the second Modulo down to one bar of stored power). My iPod took about 90 minutes to fully charge, and left the Modulo with one bar of stored power.

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When I stacked the two IDAPT Modulo units together, I got similar results. With my phone at about 10% battery remaining it took about two hours 40 minutes to fully charge, and left one Modulo drained while the other had two bars of stored power showing.

Adding my iPod into the mix drained both Modulo units, and while my iPod was fully charged my phone was left at about 90%. What’s nice is even with two units stacked together, it wasn’t uncomfortable carrying them in my pocket.

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According to the paperwork, you’re supposed to be able to charge your phone while you’re charging the IDAPT Modulo. My phone was at 9% battery remaining and the Modulo was dead, so I hooked them all up.

After about a half hour, my phone started making its “your battery is critical” chirp. Thinking I’d done something wrong, I checked all the connectors and tried again. The charging light on my phone never came on. Even after trying multiple times, using different cables, I had zero luck charging my phone at the same time I was charging the IDAPT Modulo when they were both dead. However, if both of them were partially charged (I tried it with the Modulo at about 50% and my phone at about 75%), the pass-through charging worked beautifully.

An Intelligent Power Source?

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Using the “Smart Attach” card is both wonderful and frustrating. The two sticky pads stick to everything, but they don’t stick so well they didn’t make me nervous about the IDAPT Modulo falling off. I attached one unit to the back of my phone for charging, and it seemed to do well when it was sitting on a table, but not so much in my pocket or purse.

I don’t know that I would trust it to hold if it wasn’t just sitting somewhere, but it was nice to have essentially one single device rather than two of them attached by a short cord. I did notice that the Modulo stayed stuck when I was holding my phone, but if instead I held onto the IDAPT Modulo, my phone would come un-stuck and fall in fairly short order.

As I said, the “Smart Attach” will stick to everything. Which means after I killed the IDAPT Modulo and wanted to take it off my phone, it was impossible to slip into my pocket. I did marginally better putting it in my purse, but then I had to pull a hair tie and a pack of gum off it when I got home. The good news is, it really does work to simply rinse it off as the paperwork says, and its stickiness didn’t seem to be diminished after I let it completely air dry.

MEGATechie Fully Charged or MEGATechie Discharged?

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Overall, I would give this a solid 4 out of 5 rating. The package IDAPT is selling includes three IDAPT Modulo units, which should give everyone enough power to charge their necessary devices. It didn’t really work for me on the go, but it was nothing that would prevent me from using it in a situation where power was not readily available.

The best part for me is being able to toss one in my pocket or purse in case I find myself stuck with a dying phone, because its size is a huge convenience. And even though a single Modulo won’t charge my phone completely, it certainly charges it enough to get me out of pretty much any jam. I call that a win.

The IDAPT Modulo Charger three-pack more than achieved its Kickstarter funding goal and it is available for pre-order now with shipping to follow later this summer.

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