For a single guy, the FyreTV box is probably something of a miracle. It’s a tiny, discrete black box that can hook up to any television in your house and wirelessly stream adult content. Gentlemen, behold, the future is now.

What Do You Get?

There’s surprisingly little hardware involved in the whole ordeal (that’s what she said!), which is a definite plus. As I said, the box itself is tiny, slightly smaller than the Nintendo Wii (that’s what she… never mind), and all it comes with is a few cords, a screw-in antenna for the back, and the pint-sized remote control.

When you turn it on, you’re immediately asked for your six digit PIN, so that nobody can watch porn on your dime. I imagine this would also come in handy if you had young ones in the house. You don’t want little Billy messing around with dad’s FyreTV.

Setup and Buying Content

After the PIN screen, you’ll find yourself on what is essentially your home screen, which displays your personalized recommendations. From here, you have a number of options, and they aren’t all easy to find. You can click on any of the recommended scenes, which will take you to a more detailed page where you can choose to play it (if you’ve purchased the scenes or have the credits/minutes), buy it, add it to your playlist, or view similar scenes. There’s also a list of categories the scene falls under, in case the preview pictures don’t give you a good enough idea of what you’re getting. And finally, for the porn aficionados out there, it’ll tell you which pornstars are featured in the scene. “Ooh, she’s in it? She does good work.”

When it comes to purchasing the content, you can do it in several different ways. First off, you can either buy or rent the FyreTV BoXXX (their spelling, not mine!). If you purchase it for $89.95, it’s yours, forever. If you rent it, there’s no charge for the BoXXX itself, but you must pay one of three plans. With that plan comes 100 minutes a month. Whether or not 100 minutes is worth it is really up to you and your porn consumption. Say you’re a single guy that likes to watch porn everyday, that’s less than four minutes per day. Unless you’re incredibly efficient, that probably isn’t enough.

Your other options are to either buy additional minutes, buy a package deal where you can watch unlimited content from a studio for a monthly fee (starting at $9.95), or buy specific content for a one-time fee. You can buy scenes for as low as $0.99 and movies for as low as $4.95, though depending on the studio, just single scenes can get up to around $10.

Streaming All Over the Place

Though when I use the word “buy” when I’m talking about buying content, I use it loosely. The BoXXX doesn’t have a hard drive or anything of the sort, so the only thing that you’re purchasing permanently is the ability to stream the content. With no download taking place, you’ll still need an active internet connection. And it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re just renting the unit, you will have to send it back when you’re done, and you’ll lose any content you’ve purchased.

And speaking of content, the quality of it is superb. You can choose from a few different settings, the best of which being DVD quality, and it looks just as crisp as it should. Of course, since it is streaming video, your connection speed will play a role, with slower speeds getting lower quality. I’m on broadband, so I saw consistently impressive quality with very slight load times. The streaming speed and quality is by far the most important factor in a media streaming device and FyreTV passes with flying colors.

FyreTV’s biggest flaw is the oftentimes confusing navigation system. It’s far from impossible to find what you want, but it certainly isn’t easy right out the gate. But once you understand how the system works and learn how to select and de-select categories, finding the content that tickles your fancy doesn’t take long. And while I really dig the ergonomic shape of the odd half-remote, the buttons can be difficult to press and the remote’s short body makes it a little tricky to hold while pressing the lowest buttons.

MegaTechie So Hot or MegaTechie I’ve Had Better?

This goes without saying, but FyreTV isn’t for everybody, but if you’re looking for an easy way to get high quality adult content to your television, the BoXXX makes it a breeze. I want to complain about the pricing, but the truth is adult content is just expensive, period. So keeping that in consideration, not only are FyreTV’s offerings competitively priced, but the pay-per-minute system helps you pay for exactly what you want and nothing more.

In short, if you’ve got dough to spare and you want to watch porn on your television without the hassle of physical media, wires, or technical know-how, FyreTV is the way to go.

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