You’ve got a tablet. Maybe you’ve got a case or a stand, but what about when you want a completely hands-free experience in the absence of a table or desk? The whole idea behind the Koala tablet wall mount dock by Dockem, as you can imagine, is to mount your tablet to the wall without having to alter your tablet in any way.

Own Your Space with a Wall Mount


The Koala Mount by Dockem will fit quite the variety of tablet and even smartphone devices, accommodating something like the Kobo Arc, Apple iPad, Samsung tablet, and any number of other possibilities. On the official list, they mention the iPad 2 (with or without a slim case or smart cover), iPad 1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, plus “many other similar tablets.”

There are two separate brackets that you adhere to the wall using the provided 3M double-sided tape. In this way, you do have to measure out the width of your tablet quite carefully before pasting these to the wall and it’s in your best interest to use a level to make sure you’re not crooked. Because of this design, though, it means that the Koala isn’t all that versatile after it’s been mounted to the wall. To adjust, you’d have to remove one of the brackets and re-adhere it.

The Simply Flashy Design


And that design is both a blessing and a curse. It’s so utterly simple, because what you’re getting are these two brackets that have a fixed depth to them. You tape them to the wall and you’re done. They did add in some dashes of flair with the curves and the vent-inspired slots on the sides, as well as a slight curvature toward the bottom to help hold your tablet a little more securely. You’ll also notice the small hook on the bottom near the back, which can presumably be used for cable management.

The particular sample I was provided was decked out in eye-catching chrome, but the Dockem Koala Mount is also available in white or black. I personally would prefer one of those other color options, as the chrome here is definitely too gaudy for my tastes. When combined with the “vent” design on the sides, the Koala Mount isn’t exactly subtle or understated.

I was also hoping that, given that metallic appearance, that the Koala would be made with metal. And that’s not the case. Instead, it is “injection molded from highly durable ABS plastic.” As a result, they can be a little cheap-feeling, but Dockem assures us that the “command strips” will hold up to five pounds each.

Hanging in the Kitchen


Dockem says that the Koala Mount will accommodate a range of tablets, but I could not get it to fit my Sony Tablet S because the tapered tablet is still too thick. However, I had no trouble slotting in a BlackBerry PlayBook and so that’s what I used for testing purposes.

After using some alcohol wipes to make sure everything was nice and clean, I applied the double-sided tape and put the Koala Mount on the wall. I found that the easiest way to gauge the width was to actually leave the PlayBook in between the two brackets and attach the brackets to the wall in this way. After I established my spots, I removed the tablet, and held the brackets in place for about 30 seconds just to be sure.

And yes, it works exactly how you would expect it to work.

MEGATechie Koala Cutie or MEGATechie Eucalyptus Nap?


You could apply some double-sided tape to the back of your tablet or to the back of your tablet case, but that’s hardly practical for everyday use. The Koala Mount for Tablets by Dockem satisfies an emerging need in the marketplace. The greatest application is for reading recipes in the kitchen, for example, since it takes your tablet off of that messy counter. With improved “non-touch” gestures coming to smartphones and tablets, this kind of setup is only going to get better.

The Dockem Koala Mount retails for about $19.99. I wouldn’t say that it is outrageously priced, but it is still a little spendy for a couple of rather basic brackets that feel cheap in the hands. I wouldn’t recommend the chrome–it just looks kitschy–but I suppose the black or white variants wouldn’t be so bad.

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