There’s no shortage of video game accessories for the Nintendo Wii, but very few can offer the same kind of geeky appeal as the Power A Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder. It’s exactly what you think it is and not much more than that. Will you be drawn to the dark side? Or will you heed Yoda’s advice as he hitches a ride on your back?

Something, Something, Something Dark Side

Even more so that the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii has a huge assortment of accessories. You’ve seen everything from plastic zappers to lightsaber peripherals. Some are more useful than others of course.

In the strictest sense, the Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder from Power A probably falls more into the “useless” category than the “useful” one. Even so, you have to admit that it is awfully appealing. You get the upper torso of Darth Vader and your Wii sensor bar slots into his lightsaber. And that’s about it… but who cares? It looks awesome as heck.

The Force Is Strong in This One

Just like the Pro Pack Mini Wii Remote, Power A has done a very good job with the build quality and choice of materials for the Darth Vader Sensor Bar Holder.

You can see that they’ve paid attention to the details on this “sculpture-quality Darth Vader.” It is cast in high-density resin and there is a definite sense of weight to it. I have positively no concerns about it accidentally tipping over. You can see the finer details in the mask, as well as the colorful buttons and such on Darth’s chest and belt.

Yes, the Force is definitely strong within this one. This is very much a high quality product and, even if it wasn’t holding a Wii Sensor Bar, it could probably be sold in a collectibles store as a fully licensed product. Lucas would approve.

Figuring Out the Force Choke Technique

If there is one major concern I have about this product is that it lacks any sort of cable management. I like how I’ve ditched some cables with things like the induction charging dock, and even though this doesn’t cut the cords, I would have liked to see something to handle that little wire.

As you know, there is a thin wire that comes out of the back of the Wii Sensor Bar. When you slot it into the Lord Vader’s lightsaber, the sensor bar fits very snugly, but the wire has nowhere to go. This somewhat ruins the effect, as now you have Darth Vader holding a lightsaber with a loose wire dangling in no man’s land.

I’m not entirely sure how they could have handled this, but perhaps some channels or a small clip system would have been useful in this regard.

MEGATechie “I’m Your Father” or MEGATechie Gasping for Air

Considering that the Power A Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Holder carries an MSRP of $49.99, it is no small investment for an accessory that really serves no practical purpose. You could just as easily place the sensor bar in its naked form on your entertainment stand and achieve the same functionality.

That said, the Star Wars geeky appeal of this product is positively undeniable. The quality and attention to detail are very good and you really get the sense that you bought something of value. It’s substantial, it looks great, and it’ll be a focal point for anyone who comes over to your place for some Wii action.

Yes, Luke, I am your father.

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