Last month Apple announced the new gold MacBook, which is thin, light, comes with one USB-C port, and is, as of Friday, available for purchase. It’s a bold laptop, not because it comes in gold, but because it comes with only one port, which many expected to be an issue.

With the fairly successful launch of the Apple Watch, can Apple continue the streak with the 2015 MacBook? Were the fears regarding the single port justified? Does the gold coloring make you look like the king of the coffee shop? Let’s see what people around the web had to say about Apple’s latest.


“… like many new technology products, it may be worth waiting for the next version.

…sharing a single port for all accessories as well as the power cord is almost immediately frustrating.

A minimalist MacBook that proves less can be more.

If you can live with its limitations, the new 12-inch MacBook delivers a groundbreaking design that points the way to the next chapter in laptops.”

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The Verge

“You see, the problem with the future is that it isn’t here yet. Instead we live in the now, and the now doesn’t have the ecosystem of adapters and wireless peripherals I need to use this laptop with its single port. The now doesn’t have the right processor to power through the apps I need without ruining battery life. And right now, this laptop is far from cheap at $1,299.

But if history is any guide, all of those problems will go away and more quickly than you probably expect. When they do, I’ll be using this MacBook. The MacBook. Hurry up, future. Hurry the hell up.”

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Laptop Mag

“My dream machine would have everything the new MacBook has but in a slightly larger size with one more port. But if you’re ready for an all-wireless future, the MacBook’s sheer portability and utility per square inch make it worth the splurge.

The new MacBook is a fantastically light and compact laptop that delivers a rich display, long battery life and surprisingly strong ergonomics, but it needs more ports.”

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“This is the future of Apples thin and light laptop line, as well as a warning that were about to enter a transition period for devices as Apple begins to embrace USB-C. And ultimately thats the trade-off here: To get the cutting edge technology, youve got to deal with the incompatibilities and limitations that go with it.

People who are willing to deal with the pains in order to get their hands on a product like this, you know who you are. Its waiting for you. The rest of the world will catch up, in time.”

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“With its two-pound design, stunning screen and surprisingly comfortable keyboard, the new 12-inch MacBook offers a glimpse at the possible future of laptops. For now, though, its high price and lack of ports make it an expensive novelty, mostly meant for Mac diehards who put portability and screen quality above all else.

It’s not for everyone, especially not right now, but if it’s anything like the Air, it might one day become the standard.”

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“This is the notebook for people who love their iPad but want something with a real keyboard and a bigger screen. It’s a great second computer to complement an iMac or a larger MacBook Pro.

And the MacBook might be the ideal “student” computer I would have killed to have something this thin and light in college.

The most important thing about the new MacBook, to me, isn’t necessarily what it is now, but what it represents. In five years, the sea of MacBook Airs and MacBook Air-style machines we see now at Starbucks will be replaced by machines that look more like the new MacBook.”

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The Future of Laptops is a Little Too Early

Let’s just get this out of the way – yes, having only one USB-C port is an issue. It’s a bizarre design decision, to say the least. Other than that, though, the design of the new MacBook is an overwhelming success, even if it doesn’t have the hardware to back it up.

With the new MacBook, Apple has done what Apple does best. They took all of the existing technology and arranged it in a way that produced a phenomenal piece of consumer electronics. Apple gets a hard time for being late to the party when it comes to certain technologies, but their innovation has always lied in how they use those technologies, and the new MacBook seems like irrefutable proof of that.

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