We have a lot of gadgets on our desks these days and managing all of those cables can make for quite the monstrous mess. Helping to clean up some desktop clutter is the IDAPT i3, a simple system that lets you charge three different items simultaneously. MEGATechNews puts it through the gadget gauntlet to find out if it’s worth your hard earned disposable income.

Charging with Interchangeable Tips

The IDAPT i3 certainly isn’t the first device to approach this increasingly common conundrum, but it does it in a slightly different way. For instance, the Callpod Chargepod allows for up to six adapters to fan out in every which direction.

With the IDAPT, you get a desktop stand with spaces for up to three devices. This really reduces the cable clutter, since there is only one power cord going out the back. The IDAPT interchangeable tips then fit into the three different slots.

Included in the box, along with the desktop stand and charging cable, are six of the interchangeable tips: microUSB, miniUSB, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPod/iPhone, and Nokia. This covers a good range of portable devices, but IDAPT has additional tips for sale too. For instance, there’s one to charge AA/AAA batteries.

Addressing the Vampire Power Concern

One of the problems with leaving something plugged into the wall is that it can continue to pull power in “standby” mode. This is referred to as vampire power or vampire draw.

In a green initiative, IDAPT did something very simple: they put a power switch on the back.

This way, you can completely shut off the IDAPT when you are not using it. When it is completely off, the assumption is that the IDAPT i3 no longer draws power from the wall. Thanks for that.

Bigger than Expected

Since it can only charge three items at a time, I expected the IDAPT i3 to be a lot smaller than it is. I suppose the plastic charging dock is the size that it is so that it can best accommodate devices of all sizes. A Sony PSP, for example, would take up a fair bit of room.

The charging dock itself is made of matte black plastic, which feels quite cheap to the touch. This is pretty standard issue and I didn’t expect a totally premium feel. Each of the adapters easily clicks into place (they only fit one way) and you pop them out by hitting the two eject buttons on either side of each slot.

The system works very well for the most part. I did find, however, that the connection with my Nokia E71 smartphone was quite loose, spinning around freely. It stayed, but it didn’t “click” in place.

The miniUSB adapter, shown here in use with the HyperMac Mini Portable Battery, felt much more secure by comparison. The iPod connector felt secure too.

MegaTechie Powerful or MegaTechie Anemic?

I have a lot of clutter on my desk, so any solution that can help with that situation is greatly appreciated. The IDAPT i3 is a well-designed and easy to use charging dock and the variety of available adapters makes for quite the versatile solution.

It is larger than I expected and I would have really liked to see a standard USB port available for extra versatility, but I suppose that would take away from IDAPT’s charger tip sales. If you want to clean up that mess, this charging dock is a good choice.

The IDAPT i3 is available in black (as shown), pink, silver, or white and it retails for 39.95 Euro with six included charging tips. You can upgrade to ten tips for a total price of 59.95 Euro.

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