While it seems just like last year we were drooling over DDR2 memory kits, we’re well in to the latest standard of DDR3 memory. In the world of computer memory, it’s all about frequencies and timings if you want the most from your computer. And, with Intel’s latest Core i3, i5, and i7 Processors wielding an integrated memory controller, we’ve never, ever, had it this good.

About three weeks ago, Patriot Memory announced their newest Sector 5 2250MHz DDR3 Memory Kits for the Intel Core i5/i7 Processors that utilize Dual Channel memory. That means it’s currently designed for motherboards with the Intel P55/P55A Chipsets. This 2x2GB Dual Channel DDR3 kit only needs a cool 1.65 volts to maintain its insanely fast stock 2250MHz frequency along with 9-9-9-27 memory timings. Here’s a quick preview of what these modules can do for you!

All That and a Bag of Elpida “HyperChips”

As you might have already guessed, the Sector 5 2250MHz memory kits are built with only the best Elpida “HyperChips”. This has allowed the memory to break 2400MHz frequencies approaching 2500MHz. These frequencies are for only the most stout overclockers.

We were fortunate enough to obtain some Everest and SANDRA memory benchmarks as the kits hit the shelves. And, we know you’re just as curious to see what the memory can do at stock and XMP selected profile settings. The above system consisted of a Core i7 870 Processor, GIGABYTE P55A-UD6 Motherboard, and GTX285 graphics card. (Yes, that’s a Zalman X10 cooler on top there as well. We’ll give that one a look soon.)

Stock Settings

XMP Profile

Above, you can see what Everest has to say about the XMP profile bandwidth. That’s about a 5,000 MB/s performance gain over the default system settings.

Stock Settings

XMP Profile

SANDRA gives us an even greater view of what’s going on within the memory with both stock and XMP profile settings. The memory provides an impressive 11 GB/s gain in memory bandwidth at this setting. Plus, memory latencies dropped from 74.7ms to 56.2ms as well. There’s no doubt, that Sector 5 is fast!

Price and Availability

There are very limited quantities of the Sector 5 4GB Dual Channel 2250MHz DDR3 Memory kits due to the grade of ICs used. So, you’ll have to grab your kit quick. The kits retail for $499.99 US a kit but retailers may sell for less. At this price, we sure hope it comes with some complimentary pizza or something at the next Patriot Memory sponsored LAN party.

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