Here is the final installment of my Android Rooting trilogy. That is, until I go back and decide to make the prequels. This section of the guide will walk you through the use of the Revolution program – a program created by the same developers behind Revoked. Revolutionary will let you unlock a variety of newer HTC Android phones.

Compatible Phones

Revolutionary has been confirmed to work on the following HTC phones – Aria (Liberty), Desire, Desire S (Saga), Droid Incredible 2 (VivoW), Evo 3D, Evo 4G (Supersonic), Flyer, Incredible S (Vivo), myTouch Slide 4G (Doubleshot), Sensation (Pyramid), Thunderbolt (Mecha), View (Express), and Wildfire (Buzz).

Keep in mind, those are just the confirmed phones. If you own a newer model HTC phone that isn’t on this list (and hasn’t already been covered in the guide), try searching Google. New phones are being rooted all the time. You may just stumble across a forum that contains some answers.

Obligatory Warning

If you’re going through all of this trouble to root your phone, you must know the dangers involved, right? You don’t? Well there aren’t many. But, you are modifying hardware and that can be a little scary at times. Plenty of people do it all the time without any problems. I’ve rooted my phone and it’s working great. However, I feel the need to throw this in here so that I can avoid the blame if you happen to brick your phone, lose your data, blow up your house, etc.

Tools of the Trade

For starters, you’ll need a computer running either Windows or Linux. If you’re on Windows, download this HTC driver and install it to your computer.

You’ll also need to have an SD card in your phone.

Now go to the Revolutionary page and scroll down; you’ll see “downloads” a little ways up from the bottom, right above the credits. Click on the link for your OS and download the program. Now, you won’t be able to fully use it without a beta key. The program is currently in developer preview, which is why the key is required. To get the key, simply fill out the form that pops up when you download the program. It’ll ask for your OS, your device, the device’s serial number, and its HBOOT version. Nobody actually expects you to know the HBOOT version offhand. Plug your phone into the computer, setting it to charge only (also, make sure USB debugging is turned on by going to Settings>Applications>Development), and fire up the Revolutionary program – it’ll give you the information you need. And just like that, you have yourself a beta key.

Let’s Do This

And now that you have your beta key, with the phone still plugged in (in charge only mode with USB debugging turned on), open up Revolutionary and copy your beta key into the command prompt. Revolutionary will now start doing its thing. Your phone will reboot a few times – this is normal.

When the program asks you if you want to download ClockwordMod Recovery, type Y and hit enter. It will now flash ClockwordMod to your device, which is what will allow you to root your phone. This will take a little while. Like before, just let it do its thing. If for whatever reason this doesn’t work, you can download ROM Manager from the Android Market and use that app to flash ClockworkMod.

Let’s Do This: Part Deux

After ClockwordMod Recovery has been flashed onto your phone, download this ZIP file and slap it onto the root of your SD card. Don’t bother extracting it, just copy it as-is. Shut your phone down and power it up into HBOOT. This is often accomplished by holding the volume down button as you power the phone, but the method can be different for different phones. If this doesn’t work for you, trying Googling your phone’s HBOOT method. In HBOOT, choose “Recovery” (move up and down with the volume controls) and hit the power button to enter Clockwork Mod.

Once you’re in ClockworkMod, choose the option “Install ZIP from SD Card” and then select “Choose Zip from SD Card.” Pick the ZIP file that you just copied over and let it work its magic. When it’s all done, head back to the main menu and choose to reboot the system. Once it’s rebooted, check your apps for the Superuser app. If you have it, you’re rooted!

Everybody’s Different

I own an HTC Droid Incredible and I rooted my device, but because there are so many other methods to rooting, you might encounter a problem that I myself didn’t come across. If that happens, I encourage you to post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out of whatever jam you’re in.

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