Mother’s Day is fast approaching and, if you’re anything like me, you’ve yet to get any sort of gift. Let’s hope you’re not like me. But if you are, don’t despair! I’m here to tell you about some pretty nifty gifts for that techo-geek mother of yours.

SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

No, you don’t need this gadget to live. People have been getting by for quite some time now just scribbling their shopping lists onto whatever paper is nearby. However, the SmartShopper is both fun and convenient, two things a bulky pad of paper is not. Simply hang the bad boy on your fridge, push down the “record” button, and speak into the microphone. Whether you need milk, eggs, soda, or you just need to run to the dry cleaners, it will recognize what you say and store it. When it’s time to head out the door, just hit “print” and your list will pop out with the errands separated from the food items for maximum efficiency.

Digital Picture Frame

Oh, mom and her pictures. She always seems to find the worst picture of the two of you and mounts it right on the wall for everyone to see. And then time takes its toll, making it even worse, but she’ll never change it. With a digital picture frame, these fears are erased. Not only will the pictures stay sharp and colorful, but oftentimes they’ll cycle too, meaning those embarrassing photos will only be visible for a brief window of time. You know, until they pop back up again.

Flip Video Camcorder

My mother is always wowed by my video camera and insists on shooting video herself. Yet once she has it in her hands, it becomes an alien artifact. It’s impossible for her to operate, and even if you get her started, she’ll stop recording almost immediately without knowing it. There have been numerous times where’s she’s “recorded” video without actually recording. That’s why she needs something like the Flip Video Camcorder. Not only is it a breeze to operate, what with its singular, massive red button, but it’s just as easy to plug into the computer and throw videos up on YouTube for the world to see, whether they want to see them or not.

Get them while they’re hot, since Cisco has closed its Flip division.

VuPoint Solutions Magic Want Portable Scanner

Remember all those pictures I mentioned mom having? Well, it’s time to get them out of that musty drawer and onto her computer. The VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner can do that in a much shorter time than it takes to say the name of the product. Instead of having a big, bulky device that takes up more desk space, the Magic Wand is the size of, well, a magic wand! Simply grab it and run it over the picture/document/exposed privates that you want to scan and that’s that.

There are many more gadgets that would make your mom happy. I neglected some of the bigger ones – Kindle, iPod, iPad – in favor of more obscure, less obvious gifts. Whatever you end up getting her, I’m sure she’ll love it. Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

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