It comes as no surprise that if you are in the legal profession, working with clients in the mobile computing space is way more profitable than ambulance chasing or handling estates of the recently deceased. Especially given Apple’s penchant for zealously protecting their intellectual property.

Hot on the heels of the recent tit-for-tat with Samsung, Apple filed yet another complaint with the ITC (International Trade Commission) against HTC (High-Tech Computer Corporation). Keeping up with the acronyms? Good. This is the second such filing by Apple against HTC, the first which was filed several months ago purporting 20 infringements of Apple intellectual property by its Taiwanese competitor. Since the complaint filed on July 8th wasn’t immediately available for viewing, it’s anyone’s guess what it pertains to.

For its part, HTC had filed a counter-claim with the ITC against Apple; and in a move that probably precipitated this latest shot across the bow, HTC agreed to buy S3 Graphics, Inc. last week which had in the past filed and won an ITC patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. Don’t you just love all the drama?

Be that as it may, anyone paying even a modicum of attention to this legal sideshow would come to certain distinct conclusions. If you make and sell lots of mobile phones (and plan to do so with tablets) and you use Google’s Android OS, then consider yourself with a big ‘ol bullseye target painted on your back by Apple’s legal flacks.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle via Bloomberg

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