Google held their Made by Google event in New York City today and showed off a handful of products that they’ll be releasing at some point this fall. The Big G showed off the Pixel 3, a new Chromecast, a smart home hub, and a convertible tablet.

Pixel 3

If you’ve been following the Pixel 3 leaks, then you learned nothing new from this event. The event simply confirmed everything we figured we already knew about the phones. The Pixel 3 will be 5.5-inches and the Pixel 3 XL will be 6.3-inches. They’ll have one rear camera and two front-facing cameras, as well as a boatload of camera features. There wasn’t a lot of talking about new Android Pie features, but you will have the ability to place the phone display-down to automatically silence notifications.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will retail for $799 and $899 for the 64GB configurations, can be packaged with six months of YouTube Music, and are available for pre-order today. They’ll be released on October 18th.

A new wireless charging Pixel Stand that turns the phone into something of a smart hub via Google Assistant will retail for $79.

Google Home Hub

If turning your Pixel into a cheap smart hub isn’t enough for you, you can grab the actual Google Home Hub for $149, which you pre-order today ahead of the October 22nd release date. The Home Hub is a smart display that can show users their Google Photos, YouTube videos, weather reports, calendar appointments, and more. It also has voice match technology so it can cater to different members of the household. It will come with six free months of YouTube Premium.

Pixel Slate

The Pixel Slate is a Chrome OS tablet that transforms into a laptop by utilizing a detachable keyboard cover. The tablet has front-firing stereo speakers, front and rear cameras that are both 8-megapixel, and a 12.3-inch display. It’s the first Chromebook to have a fingerprint sensor. The tablet will be sold on its own, with the Pixel Slate Keyboard being an optional accessory. The Slate will start at $599 and go up to $1,599, while the keyboard will retail for $199. It also supports the Pixelbook Pen, which costs $99.

Slightly Updated Chromecast

The Chromecast is getting its first update in three years and while its not a big update, it should be a welcome one. Aside from a new matte black design, it’s fifteen-percent faster, which allows it to stream 60fps video at 1080p. It can also act as a Chromecast Audio, syncing music with speakers throughout the house that are connected to Google smart devices. That feature will be available later this year.

This is the non-4K model and it will continue to retail for $35.

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