LUXA2 Announces The P-MEGA, World's Largest Portable Charging Station

All the technology in the world means nothing without the means to power it. When youre in the comfort of your home, surrounded by more outlets than you could ever use, power isnt an issue. When youre on the go, however, your options are limited and oftentimes unsatisfactory.

Taiwan-based portable manufacturer LUXA2 recognize this need for mobile power and have created the P-MEGA, the worlds largest portable charging station, rocking 41,600mAh of juice. It can charge devices for a non-stop 48 hours through its six USB outlets and only registers 10x10x10cm of physical space.

The LUXA2 P-MEGA sells for $169 and is currently sold out in the U.S., but it can normally be purchased through LUXA2s online store. You can also find a list of physical retailers where you can buy a P-MEGA in person.

Check out the full press release below.

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Worlds Largest Charging Station?LUXA2 P-MEGA 41,600mAh Portable Power Charging Reaches New Heights

Huge 41,600mAh battery capacity
Compact design
Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Use
Six USB Outlets with charging indicator
LED Mood light
FCC, CE and ROHS certified
2 year warranty

Taipei, Taiwan November 21, 2013 LUXA2 understands the ever-increasing demands human society faces when it comes to portable power technologies, which not only have to be diverse in feature and function, but also fashionistic in appearance. In order to meet todays technological enthusiasts need for high-performance and aesthetically pleasing portable battery packs, LUXA2 have come up with something truly special: the worlds first, and the worlds largest P-MEGA 41,600mAh charging station.

LUXA2 P-MEGA 41,600 mAh suggested price : USD 169

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