Logitech Introduces A Mouse That Works On Any SurfaceEven Air

Any Nintendo Wii owner will tell you that being able to drag a cursor around in the air is nothing new. However, Logitech has decided that what’s good enough for the Wii is good enough for the Computer Desktop. Logitech announced a new Mouse called the MX Air that uses their Freespace motion-control, gesture command to allow you to access your desktop with the flick of the wrist…

Freespace motion control technology is designed to provide accurate, responsive navigation without the limitations encountered by previous in-air pointing devices. This patented technology is based on a combination of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors, DSP (digital signal processing) technology and RF (radio frequency) wireless technology. These combined technologies allow a user to hold the mouse in any orientation, point in any direction, and enjoy effortless, intuitive cursor control. Additionally, sophisticated algorithms distinguish between intentional and unintentional hand movements effectively canceling the slight involuntary tremors everyone experiences when holding a device in the air.

The new mouse should be hitting the shelves this fall at an MSRP of about $149.99 USD. For more information, check out the official press release.

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