This seems like a very neat idea, but then I started thinking about it and now I’m not convinced it is. On the surface, having a deadbolt that can be operated with a smartphone app sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? But then I’m me, and I have to think how awful that would be if your phone was lost or stolen. They not only would have access to your digital life, but your house as well. Then there’s the thing where your friends could easily get their hands on your phone and create havoc (or is it just my friends who would do that?).

Anyway, the idea here is that the Lockitron system works using your existing deadbolt rather than requiring you to purchase and install a huge expensive system for your home security. That part I like a lot. All you have to do is remove the part you turn on your lock and replace it with the Lockitron box. Even the most mechanically-challenged among us can probably handle that part, right?

The box then connects with an app via wi-fi, which allows you to control who you’re willing to allow to lock and unlock your door. This is also pretty handy, since if you’ve got friends visiting or your roommates change faster than the seasons you don’t have to worry about either making a key or getting one back (or changing your locks if someone keeps one). If you don’t have a smartphone, you can even unlock the door with a text message. If you’re one of those iPhone 5 people, you should know that it also is able to connect via Bluetooth 4.0, so it will automatically unlock your door when your phone is in range.

It also offers some home security, as it will send you a push notification if someone has entered your house (but only through the door, of course). It also will send you a notification when its batteries start to go bad. The batteries, by the way, are supposed to last nearly a year before needing to be replaced. OK, so I’ve changed my mind again. I do like this. Kind of a lot.

This one won’t be available until March 2013, but you can pre-order yours now for $149.00 US. Right now it’s only available for iOS, but they’re working on an Android app as well.

Source: Gadget Review

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