There’s a problem that none of us are talking about, but thankfully someone is finally tackling it: fat dogs. We pamper our pooches, and nobody wants to admit that it makes our pooches portly. Now there’s a Link AKC smart collar that also acts as a fitness tracker for our portly pampered pooches.

Link AKC’s new collar tracks your dog’s fitness based on its breed and weight, since different dogs require different things. It also has a GPS tracker so you know when your dog runs off, a temperature gauge so you can know if your dog’s environment is too hot or cold (please don’t use this as justification to leave your dog in a hot car), and it even lights up so that you can find your dog in the dark.

Here’s the brakes: the collar costs $199 and requires a monthly subscription fee of up to $9.95 a month. It all depends on how much you value your dog’s health, though it’s really not that hard to keep your dog in shape. Feed them less and play with them. Look, I just saved you over two-hundred bucks.

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