If you only knew how many varieties of clip-on reading lights I’ve bought over the years, you would understand how excited I am about this. No matter what kind of clip-on light I use, my eyes always get tired when I’m reading under one because of the hot and dark spots under a lightbulb, regardless of whether it’s an LED or not. But this…this made my eyes light up light a little kid on Christmas morning. And I will be ordering one just as soon as my next paycheck comes in.

LightWedge is really pretty simple…consisting simply of a piece of glass with LEDs set into it, you just lay it across the page you’re reading for soft, even light that won’t bother those around you. Brilliance! The only drawback I can see is that it only comes in one size, designed for hardbound or large softbound books, so if you’re the type who normally reads small paperbound books it would be awkward to use. But I think I could cope with that one con against a long list of pros. It will give you up to 15 hours of light per charge, and recharging is easily done via USB connection.

The $49.99 US price tag might put some of you off, but I’m weighing it against the amount of money I’ve spent over the years on other reading lights and considering it a bargain.

Source: Red Ferret

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