LG's insane 77-inch Signature OLED 4K TV is finally hitting the market, and knowing LG and their products, it's probably an incredibly piece of technology. It features HDR, Dolby Vision, and HDR10, and it's a smart TV running on webOS 3.0. Now that you're all excited, let me throw another number at you: twenty-thousand. That's not only the number of leagues Captain Nemo traveled under the sea, but also how much LG's new monstrosity will run you.

For forking over twenty grand, you'll also get access to LG Signature Concierge, which is personal 24/7 support for your television. They'll send a technician out to your house for any issue you have with your unit, which seems just ripe for hilarious abuse. Lost your remote? Call the technician. Forget the number of your favorite channel? Call the technician. Still upset that Louie Anderson is no longer hosting Family Feud. Yeah, I'm calling my technician. Oh, and LG will throw in a free G Pad, which has a value of a few hundred bucks.

Cutting-edge television technology has never been cheap, and considering the size, features, and LG's track record, part of me wants to say that $20,000 isn't that shocking for what's on offer. But then the other part of me reminds the first part of me that $20,000 could be a sizable down payment on a house in my area, and then both parts of me agree that they're happy with the TV we've got.

The TV will be available for order on September 17th and deliveries will begin in October.

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