For the longest time, Nintendo resisted developing or releasing any games for smartphones and tablets. They’d much rather you buy a new 3DS or the new 2DS XL to satiate all your mobile gaming needs, especially now with the mobility of the Nintendo Switch thrown into the mix. But that changed. And it’s continuing to change with an upcoming Legend of Zelda mobile game too.

Most of us can agree that Super Mario Run has been reasonably successful for the company and a lot of people are enjoying Fire Emblem Heroes too. Personally, I’m much more stoked for Animal Crossing Mobile later this year, especially if it takes advantage of location-based services like Pokemon GO. Can you imagine actually going to Tom Nook’s store to get ripped off on a “rare” piece of furniture?

A little further down Shiggy and the Regginator’s horizon, according to an unconfirmed report by The Wall Street Journal, is a Legend of Zelda mobile game that will come after Animal Crossing. This would place the timeline sometime very late this year (hopefully in time for the holidays) or early next year at best.

While it is certainly possible that the mobile take on Hyrule will just be a port of an existing game, it’s more likely that it’ll be a brand new title that takes advantage of the existing IP. Like the others before it, the Legend of Zelda mobile game is being co-produced by DeNA. We just hope it isn’t Rupee Crush Saga or Cut the Chicken.

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