Earlier this year, we had heard rumors that Nintendo was going to start developing smartphone games, but that rumor was quickly squashed. We assumed at the time that Nintendo had no interest in the mobile market and would prefer to bolster support for its DS family of handhelds. We were partly right, but this latest revelation about a Nintendo phone could be far more interesting.

Rather than simply porting some of its games over to Android or iOS, it has now been revealed that Nintendo is working on a smartphone of its own, completely independent from the potential shackles of Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS ecosystems. The tentatively named Nintendo Phone DS will reportedly take on a similar clamshell design as its gaming-focused DS and 3DS brethren, except it can also be used for all of your regular smartphone duties too. What this means is that you’ll be able to make calls, send text messages, surf the web, update social media, stream YouTube videos and so forth, just as you would on an iPhone, Galaxy S5 or whatever else.

The rest of the details are still a little sketchy, but we should fully expect to see dual displays, along with actual hardware buttons on the lower half geared heavily toward the gaming side of things. Nintendo is developing its own operating system here, which will presumably be an evolution of the platform on which the 3DS was based. And in true Nintendo fashion, they want the device to be reasonably affordable. Rumors are pointing toward a $249 price point for the so-called Nintendo Phone DS. Some more information can be found through the source link below.

Via Wall Street Journal

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