Despite the fact that Apple just started selling the Apple Watch in stores, they’re already hard at work on the Apple Watch 2, as such is the nature of the business. Thanks to a few loose-lipped sources, we now know some of Apple’s plans regarding the second-generation of their wearable.

The Apple Watch 2 will have a FaceTime-ready camera on the bezel on the top of the watch, allowing the wearer to make video calls. It will be just like a scene out of your favorite science fiction movie, only instead of your commanding officergiving you mission parameters, it will be your mom asking why you don’t call her more.

Apple is giving some slack to the tether between the iPhone and the watch by using a new Wi-Fi chipset that will make the watch better at handling text messages, emails, and receiving weather data. You’ll still need to sync up with your iPhone for larger tasks.

The Apple Watch 2 will be getting a Find My Watch feature which will work not on GPS but Wi-Fi router triangulation. Engineers at Apple were supposedly working on a bigger and better battery, but market research has shown that most users are happy to charge the watch every night, making battery life less of a priority. They’re now focused on maintaining that battery life, if not slightly improving it.

The Apple Watch 2 will have more models than just the Sport, Steel, and Edition models. They really, really want you to pay $10,000 for an Apple Watch.

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