The iPhone 6 had anything but a smooth launch, what with “Bendghazi” and other issues putting a real cramp in Apple’s style. In their defense, launches are always a little bumpy, but the hits just keep coming with Apple’s latest. At least this latest problem is colorful!

You know those white plastic strips that run along the top and bottom of the iPhone 6, the ones that aren’t too popular to begin with? Yeah, those aren’t staying white. Some users are experiencing an issue with the denim from their jeans rubbing into the plastic when they take their phones in and out of their pocket, resulting in the white strips taking on a blue hue. While I don’t think it looks that bad, there are those who understandably want their expensive devices to remain in pristine shape and this discoloration isn’t sitting well with them.

According to those who were affected, Apple suggested that they attempt to clean the devices with normal household cleaners, but once that failed Apple didn’t have any follow-up advice. This isn’t the first time this has happened. The same exact thing happened to last year’s HTC One smartphone and users were able to clean the strips with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Hopefully that same eraser will fix this latest iPhone 6 issue.

via BGR

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