Kno Digital Text Book

Let me just get this nerdgasm out first. This is something that makes me want to return to college, just to have an excuse to buy one. Normally I shy away from devices designed to perform only one task, but this is just plain nerd bling at its best. Okay. Now that I got that out of my system…

A valued source has told eBookNewser about a telephone call she got from Kno. The source was supposed to have gotten a tablet  (pic of the single-screen tablet version below) from the first shipment several months ago, and as you might recall the release date has been delayed several times. Her tablet will be shipping “within 60 days,” and apparently not all preorders will ship.

Kno Tablet

Kno will be restricting the first shipment to a limited number of students and teachers. There is no word on exactly how many are being shipped. Basically if you haven’t already received a call, you won’t be getting your tablet in the first shipment.

The Kno website was updated and access to the website was blocked by a splash screen at the time of the initial post. The site seems to be up and running just fine for me.

I think the Kno would be a great way for colleges who started moving toward using less paper to expand on the idea. I also think the right sales model for the textbooks themselves could potentially save students money and encourage them to keep the text once the semester is over.

Source: eBookNewser via Engadget

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