One of the tradeoffs you might encounter with today’s increasingly slim notebooks is a lack of storage space. That’s because they’re ditching traditional hard drives for flash based storage. But what if you need more space? Worry not, because the newest version of the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT now boasts an incredible 2 terabytes of capacity. That makes it the “world’s highest capacity USB flash drive.”

Announced at CES in Las Vegas, the newer version of the drive with 2 terabytes of capacity is very similar to the Ultimate GT flash drives that Kingston already has as part of its family. It’s just bigger, seemingly in physical size as well as capacity. There’s still the capless design with a “sliding” form factor.

The good news and bad news of the situation is that the new Ultimate GT boasts USB 3.1, so it’ll fit into most traditional USB ports on most traditional computers. However, with an increasing number of super-slim laptops opting for a USB-C only existence, this could mean you’ll need to carry around yet another dongle, adapter or dock.

No pricing has been announced, but you can surely expect this drive to be pricey. Look for the 2TB USB drive to drop next month, along with the slightly more affordable 1TB variant.

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