From the “now I think I’ve seen everything” files…. You may have noticed I’m a sucker for USB drives in various shapes. This one made me laugh out loud and is also affordable, which means odds are good it’ll be joining my collection if I ever run across it in a store. Or maybe I’ll end up ordering online…you never know.

There really isn’t much to tell about it: It’s a thumb drive. It’s 4GB, and USB 2.0. He’s approximately 100mm tall, and weighs 22g. My favourite part is that you have to pull him apart at the waist to use him. Which means his torso will be sticking out of the side of your computer while his disembodied legs lay on your desk. For only $20.00 US, this fits right into my somewhat wrong sense of humour.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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