For a while there, it certainly seemed like smart glasses were poised to be the next big thing. That never happened, due to a myriad of reasons, but that hasn’t stopped companies from trying. The next contender is Kai.

Now Kai isn’t exactly a pair of smart glasses, but they follow the idea of incorporating your glasses into your digital ensemble. The device, according to the company behind them, is an accessory that “turns any pair of glasses into smart glasses,” though I don’t think that’s exactly the case. Kai is a digital assistant that attaches to your glasses, so you have a voice-enabled assistant conveniently hanging around your face.

It’s powered by Houndify and lets you take notes, check calendar entires, track calories, and much, much more, and the tiny speaker that sits behind your ear will deliver the requested information. Kai is being Kickstarted right now and you can get yourself one at an early bird price of $130. With thirty-eight days to go, the campaign has earned a little under a fifth of its goal.

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