Today was one of those days where people simply need to be more clear about what’s either bugging them or not bugging them. I mean, I get that not everyone is as straightforward as me, but making me play 20 Questions to figure out what your issue might be is quite frankly annoying the crap out of me. Sorry to those of you who already get this, but some people need to be told repeatedly. With a big stick.

TrustedReviews starts us off with the Apple iPhone 4

TechRadar examines the Asus P6X58D-E

KitGuru explains How to Install Windows 7 from a USB drive – the easy way

TweakTown takes a look at the AOC iF23 23-inch LCD Monitor

Legit Reviews asks What Internet Browser is Fastest for Windows in 2010?

Phoronix wonders Is PowerTop Still Useful For Extending Your Battery Life?

BURNED iN explores How To Destroy Your PC in 5 Easy Steps

techPowerUp shares its thoughts on the Axle Radeon HD 5670 1024 MB

TweakPC presents its Intel Core i5-661 and H55-Chipset Benchmark-Comparison

DragonSteelMods hooks up with the D-Link DGS-2208 8-Port 10/100/1000 Desktop Switch

And to finish us off, TestFreaks goes mobile with the Verizon Wireless LG Fathom

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