Like many other geeks, I have fond memories of BattleBots. I never got to see Robot Wars, but I trust that the Brits know their robots. While I’m not sure if filmmaker James Cameron holds those shows in the same regard, he’s clearly a fan of robot-on-robot carnage. He’s creating Robogeddon for the Discovery Channel, a show not unlike the two mentioned; robots will attempt to decimate each other in a sparks-ridden battle for glory. Television producer Mark Burnett will also be on board; Burnett is famous for Survivor, Shark Tank, The Voice, and others. Two-time Battlebots Super Heavyweight Champion Donald Huston will reportedly be among the show’s competitors.

There’s no date set for when the show will debut, but I’ll tell you a good time for it: right this minute. I crave the metallic violence that only a show of this nature can bring. Hopefully Cameron’s involvement will keep the show on the air longer than BattleBots’s short two-year run.

via Engadget

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